Quantitative Ecology Lab 2.0

We are an interdisciplinary ecology research group that employs mathematical and statistical models to study how organisms interact among themselves and with their environment in heterogeneous spatio-temporal settings.

Lab news

We are looking for a PhD student to join our lab-group. If you are interested in occupancy modeling, tropical mammals, coupled human-natural systems and/or indigenous communities in the Amazon this may be for you.

We welcome Orlando Acevedo-Charry (PhD SNRE) and Kylee DiMaggio (MS WEC) to our lab group!

A recent lab publication: A Visual Analytics Framework for Conservation Planning Optimization

A recent lab publication: Comparing biological methods for soil health assessments: EL-FAME, enzyme activities, and qPCR

A recent lab publication: Towards a unified framework for connectivity that disentangles movement and mortality in space and time