Welcome to the Quantitative Ecology Lab at the

University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras. 

We are an interdisciplinary ecology lab that employs mathematical and statistical models to study how organisms interact with their environment (including their pathogens) in heterogenous spatio-temporal settings.  

We are currently looking for people to join the lab so look at the positions section for more information.

Lab news:

10/15: The lab welcomes Dr. Luisa Otero as a post-doc in the lab!

8/15:  Congratulations to Ian Flores, he got accepted into the AMP undergraduate program.  Felicidades Ian!

8/15:  The lab welcomes undergraduate researcher Tara Ramírez to the lab.  She is going to be fitting Bayesian models of flu epidemics.  Welcome Tara!

8/15: The lab welcomes MS graduate student Michel Alejandro to the lab. Bienvenido Michel! 

6/15: The lab welcomes Kristen Aaltonen to the lab.  She is a biology teacher in Austin, Texas that decided to spend her summer researching lizard diseases.  Bienvenida Kristen!

6/15: The lab welcomes Virnaliz Cruz, Adriana Ortiz and Ian Flores the new undergraduate researchers in the lab.  They are working hard catching (and getting pooped by) anole lizards to study their malaria parasites.

6/15: Miguel just came back from Costa Rica, where he was participating in the OTS Graduate course. Pura vida!

5/15: The lab congratulates our first alumni, Luis García, who successfully presented his capstone project.

5/15: The lab congratulates Ian Flores (undergraduate student in Biology) who got accepted to participate in OTS summer course. 

4/15: Our paper titled “Spatial heterogeneity, host movement and mosquito-borne disease transmission” was accepted for publication in PLoS ONE.

4/15: Our paper titled “Spatial asymmetries in connectivity influence colonizaiton-extinction dynamics” was accepted for publication in Oecologia

2/15: The lab welcomes Rafael López.  He will be working in the lab as a visiting scholar.  He is interested in applications of boolean networks to study community assemblages in the mesoamerican milpa agro-ecosystem.


Diseases, space, movement and conservation

Quantitative Ecology Lab

Department of Biology

University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras